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  • Dr. Kording joins the Department of Bioengineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the Department of Neuroscience in the Perelman School of Medicine, as a Penn Integrates Knowledge University Professor.

  • CNI Assistant Professor Johannes Burge, along with Priyank Jaini, a visiting summer student and a Computer Science graduate student at the University of Waterloo, recently published a paper in PLoS Computational Biology.

  • CNI graduate student Kamesh Krishnamurthy, along with CNI Co-Director Josh Gold and students Matt Nassar and Shilpa Sarode, have recently been published in Nature Human Behaviour.

  • Maria Geffen was an invited speaker at COSYNE this year, and Louis Kang presented a poster at the conference as well.

  • Philip Nelson, of Penn's Department of Physics and Astronomy, has a new book entitled "From Photon to Neuron: Light, Imaging, Vision" that will be published in April by Princeton University Press.

  • The Gold Lab has recently published a study that rigorously examines the link between changes in pupil size and activity in the locus coeruleus (LC), and provides the first thorough measurement of the link between changes in pupil size and activity in the arousal system.

  • The Simons Foundation has awarded Vijay Balasubramanian a grant in Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems to study "Adaptive molecular sensing in the olfactory and immune systems."

  • Several researchers have now moved into the 4th floor of Goddard Labs, and the space is connected to the Richards Labs. CNI has now expanded to include both the 4 Richards and 4 Goddard spaces. Monthly events will be held in the 4 Goddard space, and the weekly CNI Chalk Talk events will resume on Tuesday, August 30 in the 4 Richards Seminar Room.

  • On Wednesday, September 16, the CNI will move into our newly-renovated space on the 4th floor of the historic Richards Building designed by Louis Kahn. We look forward to welcoming you to the space!

  • The CNI is delighted to announce our first class of CNI Fellows! Vijay Singh, PhD in physics from Emory University, under the supervision of Ilya Nemenman; and Gaia Tavoni, PhD in physics from the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, under the supervision of Rémi Monasson and Simona Cocco. Welcome, Vijay and Gaia!