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Vijay Balasubramanian, CNI Director (Physics)
Theoretical and computational neuroscience

Joshua Gold, CNI Co-director (Neuroscience)
Neural basis of perceptual decision making and perceptual learning in non-human primates

Maria Geffen, CNI Co-director (Otorhinolaryngology, Neuroscience, Neurology)
Neuronal circuits for auditory perception and learning: how our brain makes sense of sounds.


Our faculty span many Departments, across the School of Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and Perelman School of Medicine. Although our focus is highly interdisciplinary, we have divided the list into Computational/Theoretical, Systems, and Cognitive sections for ease of browsing.



From understanding the limits of perception and cognition to machine learning:

Vijay Balasubramanian, CNI Director (Physics)
Theoretical and computational neuroscience

Victor Barranca (Mathematics and Statistics, Swarthmore)
Mathematical neuroscience and neuronal dynamics

Danielle Bassett (Bioengineering, CIS, Neurology)
Complex Systems, Network Science, Computational Neuroscience, Systems Biology, Dynamical Systems, Soft Materials, Behavioral Network Science

David Brainard (Psychology)
Human vision, machine vision, and computational modeling of visual processing

Joshua Goldwyn (Mathematics & Statistics, Swarthmore)
Auditory neuroscience and the perception of sound

Konrad Kording (Bioengineering, Neuroscience)
Data that matters

Eleni Katifori (Physics)
Topology, function and development of biological distribution networks, elasticity and mechanics of thin cells, pattern formation

Hualou Liang (Biomedical Engineering, Drexel)
Analysis of complex, high-dimensional neuroscience data

Yoichiro Mori (Mathematics, Biology)
Mathematical Biology, Physiology and Biophysics, Applied and Numerical Analysis

Philip Nelson (Physics)
stochastic modeling; computational neuroscience; multielectrode recording

Alan Stocker (Psychology)
Computational perception and cognition


From perception to behavior:

Michael Arcaro (Psychology)
Mammalian vision, development of sensory systems

Vikas Bhandawat (Biomedical Engineering, Drexel)
How animal behavior emerges from the complex interaction amongst the animal's nervous systems, their muscle-body dynamics and their environment

Marc Fucillo (Neuroscience)
The synaptic and circuit mechanisms of behavioral control

Maria Geffen, CNI Co-director (Otorhinolaryngology, Neuroscience, Neurology)
Neuronal circuits for auditory perception and learning: how our brain makes sense of sounds

Ethan Goldberg (Neurology, CHOP)
Ion channel, cellular, and synaptic neurophysiology; Neurogenetics; Neurodevelopmental disorders; Neurobiology of disease 

Minghong Ma (Neuroscience)
Neurobiology of the sense of smell

Tim Machado (Neuroscience)
How do motor command pathways interact to generate specific movements?

Alexander Proekt (Anesthesiology)
Neuronal dynamics and neuronal mechanisms of anesthesia

Marc Schmidt (Biology)
Avian brain dynamics in complex naturalistic social environments; computational neuroethology of courtship interactions in groups of songbirds; social context as a computationally constructed variable

Benjamin Scholl (Neuroscience)
How neurons transform information from the world into electrical activity used to mediate perception and behavior

Flavia Vitale (Neurology, Bioengineering, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)
To study, monitor and treat neurological and neuromuscular disorders such as epilepsy, Parkinson's, nerve injury, and chronic pain

Franz Weber (Neuroscience)
The neural and homeostatic mechanisms controlling REM sleep, and the functional role of this brain state in emotional memories and behaviors


From higher level vision to decision-making:

Geoffrey Aguirre (Neurology)
Cortical organization for visual perception and recovery of visual function

Michael Beauchamp (Neurosurgery)
Neural mechanisms for multisensory integration and visual perception in human subjects

Johannes Burge (Psychology)
Computational modeling, perceptual systems, vision

Yale Cohen (Otorhinolaryngology, Bioengineering, Neuroscience)
Understanding the representation of auditory information in the cortex, how auditory information is integrated with cognitive processes, and how auditory and visual information is combined to form unified sensory percepts

Long Ding (Neuroscience)
Electrophysiology; psychophysics; basal ganglia; frontal cortex; perceptual decisions

Russell Epstein (Psychology)
Visual recognition and spatial cognition in humans

Joshua Gold, CNI Co-director (Neuroscience)
Neural basis of perceptual decision making and perceptual learning in non-human primates

Jay Gottfried (Neurology, Psychology)
Using multidisciplinary techniques to elucidate perception, learning, and memory through the lens of the olfactory system

Casey Halpern (Neuroscience)
Preclinical studies and developing clinical trials to expand indications for deep brain stimulation and other novel brain surgical therapies

Joseph Kable (Psychology)
Psychological and neural mechanisms of human decision-making

Michael Kahana (Psychology)
Human episodic memory for verbal, visual and spatial information

Joel Mainland (Monell Center)
Developing a predictive model relating molecular structure and olfactory perception

Bijan Pesaran (Neurosurgery, bioengineering)
Understanding large-scale circuits in the brain and how to engineer novel brain-based therapies

Nicole Rust (Psychology)
The neural correlates of visual memory

Anna Schapiro (Psychology)
Memory, learning, neural network modeling, sleep, consolidation, hippocampal-cortical interactions


Juvenal Bosulu

Emily Cowan

Ronald diTullio

Agrita Dubey

Matilda Gibbons

Daniel Herrera

Fangfang Hong

Richard Lange

Alexandria Lesicko

Dan Luo

Solymar Rolon Martinez

Semin Oh

Melanie Segado

Brynn Sherman

Sarah Solomon

Nachi Stern

Lowell Thompson

Nathan Vogler

Lingqi Zhang

Affiliated Graduate Students

Daniel Adler

Simon Bohn

Jared Collina

Alice Dallstream

Xiamao Ding

Mengting Fang

Alex Gordienko

Catrina Hacker

Benjamin Kandel

Victoria Subritzky Katz

Anthony LoPrete

David Lozano

Jordan Matelsky

Jiang Mao

Kara McGaughey

Jiang Mao

Emily Meyer

Andrew Moberly

Ryan Natan

Long Ni

Daniel Pak

Jacob Parker

Felipe Parodi

Spencer Rooke

Elizabeth Siefert

Dhairyya Singh

Srihari Srithara

Chenjie (Lucy) Song

Marlie Tandoc

Nathan Tardiff

Morgan Taylor

Joey Velez-Ginorio

Cedric (Huchuan) Xia

David White

Laura Wiles

Jared Wilson

Omer Zeliger

Zhenglong Zhou