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CNI postdoc Eugenio Piasini and Balasubramanian lab postdoc Clélia de Mulatier are among the organizers of the fifth annual Convegno Gabriele Marveggio, a science outreach event targeting high school students in Sondrio, Italy. This event gives students the opportunity to do some research on a topic of their choosing (within a general theme in physics), and Eugenio and Clelia assist them as needed by putting them in contact with experts or academics, organizing lab visits where relevant, or just providing some project management input. The students work in groups, write up a short report on their project, and produce a short video. All this work culminates in an event where all the students and their schoolmates gather to watch the videos, and to interact with scientists who come to give invited talks.

This initiative encourages students to take an active role in their education outside of their school program, and to develop an autonomous project from start to end that will be seen by all their peers. It's also an opportunity to expose students to the world of academia, and to higher education in general. This year, the 5th year of the initiative, 45 students are involved in making videos, 13 students are involved in graphic design for the event, and 15 students work on translating existing videos to English and providing subtitles. The final event will be attended by about 400 students from 7 different schools.

Here are some example videos:

"Singolarità blu" (blue singularity)

"c - la velocità della luce" (c - The Speed of Light)