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CNI Seminar: K.M. Sharika

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 11:30am

SAIL Room, 111 Levin Building (425 S. University Ave.)

K.M. Sharika
Platt Lab, UPenn

Can Tylenol affect the decisions we make for others?

Previous work in healthy individuals has implicated the role of acetaminophen (active ingredient in Tylenol) in relieving physical as well as social pain (Dewall et al., 2010) by potentially blunting the processing of emotional stimuli (Durso et al., 2015; Mischkowski et al., 2016). To examine this hypothesis further and probe the neural mechanisms underlying the process of decision-making for self vs. other, we developed a behavioral paradigm that would make it amenable to test this in rhesus macaques. The performance of the monkey in the task was also tested following an oral dose of Tylenol. I will discuss the preliminary findings.

Lunch will be served.