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CNI Seminar: Joshua Goldwyn

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - 11:30am

Barchi Library (140 John Morgan Building)

Joshua Goldwyn
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Swarthmore University

Dynamics of neurons and field potentials in the auditory brainstem

Extracellular voltages (Ve) represent an important source of neurophysiological data. Extracellular voltages are spatio-temporal patterns that reflect the activity of nearby neurons and networks, but interpreting these signals can be a major challenge. We study extracellular voltages in a region of the auditory brainstem known for its importance in sound location processing (the medial superior olive, MSO). The activity of individual MSO neurons is notoriously difficult to observe in vivo, so we pursue a model-based strategy to bridge the gap between extracellular voltage (a "population-level" signal), and the activity of individual MSO neurons. Using a parsimonious model of MSO neural activity, we show that we can quantitatively reproduce in vivo-like spatio-temporal patterns of extracellular voltage. In addition, we use the model to infer time-courses of (putative) synaptic inputs to MSO neurons and their synaptic inputs, thereby obtaining a novel perspective on MSO activity.

A pizza lunch will be served.