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CNI Seminar - Youngmin Park

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 11:30am

Barchi Library, 140 John Morgan Building

Youngmin Park, Geffen Lab, UPenn

Weakly Coupled Oscillators in a Slowly Varying World

We extend the theory of weakly coupled oscillators to incorporate slowly varying inputs and parameters. We employ a combination of regular perturbation and an adiabatic approximation to derive equations for the phase-difference between a pair of oscillators. We apply this to the simple Hopf oscillator and then to a biophysical model. The latter represents the behavior of a neuron that is subject to slow modulation of a muscarinic current such as would occur during transient attention through cholinergic activation. Our method extends and simplifies the recent work of Kurebayashi (Physical Review Letters, 111, 214101, 2013) to include coupling. We apply the method to an all-to-all network and show that there is a waxing and waning of synchrony of modulated neurons.

A pizza lunch will be served.